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Urban Peasants

Olive Rosemary Oval

Olive Rosemary Oval

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Vegan. Ready for picnics and charcuterie boards, these loaves have Kalamata olives brined in wine vinegar along with fresh and dried rosemary, and lots of EVOO of course! Toasted whole grains--millet, sorghum, and teff--give character.

Ingredients: Sourdough Starter (*fresh-milled organic brown rice flour, filtered water), *fresh-milled organic brown rice flour, Kalamata Olives, *fresh-milled ivory teff flour, *fresh-milled non-GMO sorghum flour, *white rice flour, *fresh-milled millet flour, *tapioca starch, organic extra-virgin olive oil, *organic ground flax seed, *fresh-ground chia seeds, rosemary, salt.

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